Life After Dentistry with Jerry Jones – Season 2 Episode 6

One of the biggest questions that I keep hearing is, “When Can I Safely Retire?”

Well, if you have had that thought rolling around in your head, today is your lucky day.  Jerry Jones is a practice owner and a dental marketing coach extraordinaire for over a decade.  He has also been hearing that a lot lately and I sat down with him to see what best practices he has seen work from his dentists who were in that same boat.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Great options for dentists who want to ‘Slow Down’ but don’t want to actively retire.
  • The Revenue numbers that dentists need to be hitting if they want to actually Get Out of dentistry safely.
  • The Top Mistakes that he and I have both seen dentists make when they try to Get Out Too Soon.  Plus how to avoid being a statistic in that regard.

And Much, Much More…

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