When and How Can We Re-Open? – Dr. Tom Larkin Takes Action to Save Our Practices

Dr. Tom Larkin is a professor and a private practitioner.

He has been screaming (well, not screaming, he’s pretty soft-spoken) from the rooftops for years that we had to change the way we operated because it was just a matter of time before our profession would be changed forever.

Enter COVID19.

If we want to re-open and get back to any type of pre-covid normalcy, there are things that we MUST do right now.

IF YOU FIGURE THIS OUT, you will have an advantage over everybody else.

Oh, and the Elephant in the Room….. HYGIENE!

How in the heck are we supposed to deal with hygiene re-opening?!?

Well, it’s at the 15:26 minute point, but don’t skip ahead or you’ll miss details you Must Have today.

Remember, we’re all in this together!

You can visit Dr. Larkin’s dental bootstrap project here:


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