Stop the Overhead Surge – Season 1 Episode 22

One of the first line items to get blamed when things aren’t going all that well in your practice is your office overhead.  While there are many instances where Overhead is the culprit, the way that dentists look at overhead and how to attack it, often overlooks the most effective ways to cure the disease.

Today we dive into some of the less obvious and most powerful ways you can whip your overhead numbers into shape so that they work for you instead of dragging your practice down like a bag of bricks over your shoulder.

In this episode you will learn:

The magic of Identical Room Setups in Same Day Capabilities to Boost Daily Numbers up to Your Next Plateau for Good.

The Ordering System to Almost Guarantee 5% Clinical Supply Costs so You Can Quit Worrying Over Which of You Favorite Supplies You Have to Do Without Each Month to Avoid Going Over Budget and Catching “Over-Ordering Syndrome”

How a Simple Check Can Transform a Dull, Uninspired Team into a Team of Superstars Who Will Pull You Along to Meet Your Most Amazing Goals

12 Steps to Lock Down Your Non-Insured Patients so That Poachers from Down the Street Can’t Even Begin to Entice Them Away from You with Cheesy New Patient Offers.

And Much, Much More…

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