Season 2 Premiere – Is Live CE Dead? 7 Reasons You’d Better Hope Not

Season 2 Premiere – Our new direction will be 2 fold. First, we want to draw attention to the declining popularity of Live CE and to promote the 7 reasons why it is an integral part of our profession that we cannot let die. Secondly, we want to re-commit to our belief that a motivated, happy dental team will always outperform teams that aren’t enthusiastic and engaged. That can make all the difference in your practice and in turn, your life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • 5 Big Excuses Dentists Make to Not Attend Live CE that mark them as candidates for early retirement
  • 7 Big Benefits of Attending Live CE that Sub-Par Dentists Ignore and Winning Dentists Use to Their Advantage Every Day
  • The Power of a Motivated Team in Creating the Practice and Lifestyle You Really Want at Work and at Home
  • The Danger of Living with a Death Spiral Bonus in Place

And Much, Much More…

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