Saving this Profession – Season 1 Episode 23

It is true that we are members of one of the greatest professions on the planet right now.  It is also true that anxiety is growing about our future.  Today, I address a question that has become all too frequent at my seminars, “What is the Biggest Problem Facing Dentistry Today and How Can We Solve It?”

After putting a lot of thought into that question, I have come up with 7 Big Problems and 3 Rules that Can Fix All of Them if we have the will to impose them.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Dentistry is Slowly Losing it’s Heart and Soul Due to Outside Forces and How You Can Build a Wall Around the Heart of Your Practice that Will Make You the Strongest Practice in Your Area
  • How Inaction and Shortsightedness Have Plagued Our Profession as of Late and How You Can Use Farsightedness to Innovate While Others are Fearful to the Point that They Will Become Pawns of the Next Phase of the Takeover
  • How we Should Be Using the Ronald Reagan Rule to Keep Us Alive in the Evolutionary Fight that is Going on in Washington, Plus How to Become a “Warrior” Leader Who Has Complete Control and Respect at the Office.

And Much, Much More…


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