Reinventing Tomorrow’s Conferences – Season 2 Episode 3

Dr. Jason Luchtefeld is changing the face of one of the most famous dental conferences in the U.S.  He joins us to discuss how the Dentaltown Townie meeting is staying ahead of the times and how they are innovating next year’s event to stay relevant with the changing tastes of today’s dentists.  Dr. Luchtefeld also reveals how the Townie is not only embracing technological advances, but making sure that dentists who commit their precious time to attending leave with multiples of ROI on their investment of time and money.

On this episode we will unveil:

  • How Howard Farran is constantly challenging the Townie Meeting team to innovate and stay ahead of the field
  • How unique tracks at this year’s Townie meeting will triple the value of attendees there
  • How the CE Director at a Top 5 Dental Meeting can bring value to attendees for years after they attend

And Much, Much More…


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