Never Run Late Again – Season 1 Episode 20

Running late is one of the Top 3 causes of Doctor stress and burnout in the U.S.  While it is truly impossible to KNOW exactly how long each appointment will take, it is very possible to control a schedule in a way that allows for speed, efficiency, quality, and staff happiness.

Today we will discuss several tools that if employed can solve 80% of Doctor’s Stress Problems.

In this Episode you will Learn:

  • How to Solve the Hygiene “Jaws” Scenario Before It Happens So You Don’t Get Your Blood Boiling From a Distance
  • The Reason Why Some Dentists Prep So Slowly, (and why they really aren’t being slow on the important parts) and How You Can Slash Minutes Off Each Prep.
  • Why Doctor Stress is So Rampant and the Characteristic that Can Dissolve 80% of Your Stress if You Strengthen the Trait

And Much, Much More…

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