Controversial Scheduling Solutions that Solve Rampant Problems – Season 1 Episode 21

It you are victim of the “Chronic Cancellation Disorder” this episode is for you.

We are NOT going to tell you we can solve this problem for you!

Instead, we have a very unique way of dealing with the issue that is a complete Win/Win for you and the patients.  Listen up and we’ll reveal this Strategy Step-by-Step.

In this Episode you will Learn:

  • Our Famous and Very Controversial Hygiene Scheduling Strategy that Causes Audiences to Gasp Across the Nation….But, Solves the Cancellation Problem Every Time it is Tried
  • How You Fit into One of the 4 Quadrants of Dentistry and How You Can Profit in any of the Top 3 of them You Choose
  • How to Recognize the 5 Overhead Monsters Lurking in Every Practice and How to Shine the Light on Them So You Can Destroy the Beast
  • How to Stop Whining About How Your Patients Lie to You and How You Can Smile All the Way to a Full Schedule Anyway

And Much, Much More…

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