7 Deadly Dental Practice Killers – Season 1 Episode 17

The 7 Deadly Wastes are paramount in any profitable production system in the world.  In this episode we will delve into the 7 Wastes that Kill Dental Practices and Eat Away at Their Profits from the Inside Out.  Learn how to Destroy these Internal Rots and You Will Be Well on Your Way to Creating a Profitable Practice Powerhouse.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

Why I Despise Block Scheduling and a Better Way to Create Consistently Profitable Scheduling

Why Opportunity Cost is THE #1Killer of Practice Profits and How You Can Identify, Resolve, and Take Advantage of this Amazing Profit Center No Matter How You Choose to Practice

How to Make Your Operatories Quickly Deployable “Cycle Time” Weapons instead of Cluttered, Dusty Millstones Around the Neck of Your Practice Slowing Down Your Team and Your Production

The Most Powerful Statistic Any Dentist Can Ever Track, that the Top 1% All Monitor and that I am 99% Sure You Won’t Be Brave Enough to Measure, Regardless of How Much Money it Will Make You.

And Much, Much, More…


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