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Simple Practice Breakthroughs LIVE from OKC – Season 1 Episode 9

Recently I traveled to Oklahoma City to deliver my new lecture, Simple Practice Breakthroughs.  The topic of the lecture was just that, a history of how I tackled seemingly complex problems that popped up in my practice and how we solved them as a practice team.  In this opening monologue I opened up and revealed lots of little insider tips that had been previously unsaid.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.

In this episode you will learn:

How I got hooked on being an ‘Achiever’ and the resource you can use to duplicate that trait to rapidly increase your success

The real trick to getting your money’s worth out of even very ‘expensive’ CE courses and how to leverage that investment into multi-millions in production for the rest of your career

How I ‘manned up’ to finally face my unruly hygienists and what I learned that will make daily existence with your Practice Wives into the kind of relationship you always wanted from the second you decided you wanted to be a dentist.

And Much, Much More…

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The Dr. Chris Griffin Show – Season 1 Episode 9

“Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Now who said that?

Welcome to the Dr. Chris Griffin Show. Your resource for leveraging systems and technology to easier workload, increase productivity and provide you with the time off you deserve to live the life of your dreams. It’s time to practice productivity in the passionate pursuit of a better life with your host, Dr. Chris Griffin. The Dr. is in.

Well you probably may have heard that one before, it doesn’t have a lot to do with dentistry but that is from the late great Will Rogers. He was a true American, a true American cowboy, a true American philosopher and just one of the most amazing guys that ever lived. If you don’t know much about him, I would encourage you to just look him up on Wikipedia. I actually went to a play about Will Rogers, the whole play was about Will Rogers on my honeymoon 22 years ago. Okay? And you know I could not condense his life into a couple of sentences but if you don’t know much about him, go check him out or at least Google Will Rogers quotes and you’ll be laughing your head off. Okay?

And the reason that I picked Will Rogers to begin this episode, is because recently, I spoke to the Oklahoma City Dental Society and had a full day lecture there, I had a great time. And this people who travelled there know, you’re flying to Will Rogers International Airport. Okay? So that’s the deal of course, you can pick a 100 quotes of his and it would be applicable to just about anything that you would want to talk about, okay? If you have common sense, so this week, I’m going to let you guys kind of sit in the back row of the lecture hall in Oklahoma City and here are some of the things we’ve talked about. It was an amazingly fun lecture, I had a great time. They were wonderful hosts and I just wanted to share some of the things we talked about with you guys. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the lecture from Oklahoma City.

Okay, alright. Now this is you know, this reminds me too I feel like I’m back home at church because nobody sat on the front row right? Everybody tried to get on the back row and then some of you got squeezed up a little closer. But as few…this is not a huge crowd, right? So by the end of the day, one of my primary objectives is I would like to meet every single one of you and be you know, hopefully strike up a friendship that last forever you know. As far as I’m concerned, I mean it’s a 10 hour drive from Mississippi, I don’t really love flying. So you know, it’s kind of a trick. So I’m going to drive out here 10 hours. So really I can meet everybody and get to know all of you guys. I hope that you enjoy what I prepared for you. If you came here and you wanted to see a bunch of slides of me doing implants or see wrecked crowns or stuff like that. I mean that’s not what today’s going to be about.

I do a lot of that but that’s not what today is going to be about because that’s just not what I have found that I think really helps folks. This is the part of the lecture that I like the least. So I’ll just tell you because if I would sit in your seat and somebody gets up here starts talking, I’ll kind of want to know where they’re coming from or else I might not care what they’re trying to say, right? So let me just at least go ahead and tell you kind of who I am, and why that maybe you should listen to me about some of this stuff. if there’s anything that I’m really, really good at, right? So I’m standing up here, saying “Hey I’m this great dentist, I’m this super expert, you should listen to me because I know exactly what I’m talking about.” What I would tell you is that I have made, I think I have made nearly every mistake and had nearly every catastrophe that could happen to a dental office happen, okay? And so over, I’ve now been treating patients for 20 years. And in those 20 years, I mean these all happen. I mean I’m sure the good Lord could send some more stuff my way, you know. Like the book of Job but a lot has already happened. Right?

So I’m going to share it with you guys what else happened to me and how I dealt with it, how I recovered from it, you know. I’ll show you how I nearly bankrupted my practice 3 or 4 years in and how we recovered. And actually got up to 3 times the 88 national; actually also turning my schedule now from 5 days a week to 3 days a week. And like I said, I just want you guys to learn how I made a bunch of bad decisions and how I recover from it. And you’re going to learn throughout this lecture. If you don’t like it, I apologize for some reason, I really like this stick figure cartoons and I’ve got one of those programs where you can customize these things for your lectures so you’re going to see a lot of them.

So, where to start? So I went to dental school in the 90’s. Now and this is…who all, so mostly everybody here is Oklahoma City side, right? Mostly everybody here is from Oklahoma? I guess they’re all of you. Is that true? Everybody here is from Oklahoma. Now do you guys…is it like where I’m from when you have to have an affiliation? Like where I’m from. It’s either Ole Miss or Mississippi State. So is it like that here, OU and Oklahoma State? So what like how many of you guys are OU in the room? Okay, so boomer. I guess I didn’t realize what you say, so that’s good. How many people are in OSU? Oh, it’s really cool, it’s like half and half. I like, where’s Rachel? Rachel you put this thing together, she’s always…she’s awesome.

So that’s good. I went to Mississippi State, so I hate Ole Miss, right? I hate them. But you know, anyway I’ve also got some cool trivia questions and as the day goes on, I’ll ask some trivia questions and maybe you’ll have some prizes for that. But it is true in the, you know, hey footballs can’t even hear in the South, in SCC. And this is the truth…I was, I stopped…I lectured in Birmingham a few years ago and I was coming home and I wanted to get a, you know I do my own yard work. I don’t farm that well, well my kids now do a lot of it; 16 to 15 year old boys. But I do my own weed eating a lot and I heard about these new “Four stroke gas powered weed eaters”. Wow man, I’m going to get one of those things. And so, I’m on my way home from Birmingham because you know, this uses real gas than use the 2 stroke oiling gas mixture.

So I’m on my way home from Birmingham and stop off in Lowe’s, into Lowe’s. And so I go in and get the weed eater, I’m coming out with it. And this is no joke. What appeared to be 2 complete strangers walking out into Lowe’s, one walking in one walking out. I was right behind one and this woman goes “War eagle” and the guy coming in goes, “War eagle.” and then they just crossed paths. So you know, I mean that’s how it is right? That’s how it is in the South if Football rules everything. But, so I go to dental school, I went to Mississippi State. Actually started out in petroleum engineering, I bet some of you guys know some petroleum engineers around here right? because it’s a pretty big oil country but not the petroleum industry right now.

But my roommate, my roommate actually…I left, I obviously left petroleum engineering. He actually went to Houston, Texas, started at the ground floor, worked his way through some deals and now he’s the CEO of a huge oil company in Texas and worth a gazillions of dollars and stuff like that but he’s a multi-multi millionaire. So I sometimes wonder, if I made the right decision getting into dentistry but you know I must have like it because I’ve driven 10 hours just talking to you guys. So I go to University of Tennessee. Now is there anybody here, I guess nobody here goes to the University of Tennessee. Are you serious? No kidding. When did you graduate? 2005? Wow, you’re a youngster.

Well, they still…I don’t know because I left in the 90’s but were they still kind of mean and hard on folks? Well I don’t know, I mean. Well I’ll tell you, so when I went to University of Tennessee, now there’s a guy. He’s an older guy. Have any of you guys have taken some courses from Dr. Big Bob Girdy? The braces man? So if you know Big Bob or if you know Big Bob, you’ll know that he’s pretty rash and he says things he doesn’t exactly watch what he says. He’s not politically correct, you know but he’ll tell you the truth. Now the teacher doesn’t hate us or anything. They wouldn’t do it in front of the patients. They would always, they’d come over and sit down, and you’d say “Hey, what do you think does it look okay?” and if they’d say “Yeah” and if they’d smile and say it looks okay then you’re good. If they didn’t say anything, and they’d get up and they’d say “Come back here”. Yes, you’re about to get a chewing out now.

Anyway, we get together now and we joke about it how much we got and stuff but I do think it helped us you know, because if we made it through that, you’re a little tougher. But I got out of UT and I went in with my home town dentist, alright? The guy I love, I love the guy. I mean I really thought he was the greatest dentist on the planet and I thought that I was going to be his partner and take over his practice and we’re going to rule North Mississippi with his gigantic dental practice right? And did any of you all go into associateships right out of school? Okay. Are you still with the person you went in with? Is anybody still with the same person they went in with? You? Well you know I usually get one, usually it’s a bigger room and there’s still just one. And really I’m surprised that you’re, you know…that’s good. Are you related to him? Okay. That is amazing, good.

So me, just like mostly everybody else, you know it didn’t work out. So after let see, 1999 June 1st, I no longer had a job and I’m in my home, I’m in my hometown, right? Now this is not like I can just go somewhere else in Oklahoma City or Edmond and get another job. I mean we’re 45 minutes into the hindered lands, I mean this is nothing, nothing out there. And so you either have to you know, you either have to stay there and do whatever. You got to drive 45 minutes or an hour to try to get into another job in associateship which probably wouldn’t work out either. Of course you know you’re out of school, you have some debt. I thought I had a lot of debt. You know I owe $60,000 and that turns out these days maybe that’s not a lot of debt. That’s a whole different story, I’m going to get into that.

I mean I talked to a guy, I ate dinner last night with a guy that’s on the Oklahoma Board Administry and he’s also an adviser for the dental school admissions and he was telling me that he thinks that the high cost of dental school is actually failing corporate dentistry. Because when you have so much debt getting out of school, you’re just so scared to take on a whole practice of your own that that’s where everybody’s getting all their feeder dentist and it’s just like a continuing cycle. All of you apparently is working towards trying to figure out a solution to try to combat that, I don’t know. Basically a guy would always say, a barge going down the Tennessee River. It’s going to take a while to get that thing turned around if you can get it turned around.

But anyway, here I am. My wife says, guess what? I’m pregnant with our first kid. So I’m in debt, no job, a pregnant wife, no prospects, we’re in my hometown, her hometown, we dated since high school, got married when we were 19 and 20. So she ain’t going anywhere. Okay? So I just had to get serious with myself saying what are you going to do? So I decided to just go ahead and just hang a shingle. And so I started my own practice. Now here’s interestingly enough, we were just talking about attendance, you see meetings has gone down over the years. In the year 2000, right after I started this practice, I went to the profitable dentist meeting in Destin Florida. Have you guys ever been to one of those? Did you went alone? Did you like it? When did you go?

So in the year 2000, there were nearly 2000 total attendees and right at a thousand dentists showed up. And I go to this and I’m like, “Wow, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” I mean this is great, you know. Everybody’s excited about dentistry and I’m on the right profession and you know I’m just psyched. And it’s probably what made me like the idea of speaking someday, you know because the speakers out there were great. Everybody’s fired up and I actually went up and introduced myself to Woody Oakes who’s the editor of the Profitable Dentist Magazine and you know he’s a big basketball fan and we struck up a good conversation and I got you know, I got talking to him. And I told him how that I didn’t have you know, what bad stuff that happened.

June 1st I had no idea what I was going to do. June 7th I bought a piece of property, with 1 acre and a house that had not been lived in for 3 years because the lady had gone to nursing home. It’s right in the center of Ripley and me and a retired carpenter and my grandfather, renovated it into right out there and I saw my first patient by September 1st, 1999. So it’s less than 90 days and we spent less than $200,000 for the property, and all the renovations and all the equipment and everything. And Woody just thought “Wow, that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard!” So he put me on the cover of the magazine back then. Right?

But still, even though things were going okay, I’m still in Ripley, population 6500. We’re a very declining industrial town. And back when I was a kid, we had 2 or 3 major furniture factories okay? And basically employed thousands of people but those companies, all but one, have all gone under. And the one that’s still there only employs about 500 people. So as you can imagine, we went from this deal where a lot of people had dental insurance to now, nothing. And I don’t take Medicaid, so it’s a stuff situation. So I’m still in this kind of town, I’m making a little bit of money, but I’m working you know, 5 ½ days a week and it’s just not really fun. And so, I went in search of something else to do because I’m thinking, this cannot be the way that I need to practice dentistry, 5 ½ days my whole life, it’s just not even fun.

So I enrolled up to a dental meeting in Nashville Tennessee, with one of my best friends, Dr. Steve DeLoach from up there. And it was put on by the Las Vegas Institute. Now I am 25 years old, and I go through this meeting. I guess maybe I’m really naïve who’s easily influenced and so when I leave that 3-day meeting, I am a proud owner of a $30,000 tuition to the Las Vegas Institute. Now I really have nothing bad to say about the Las Vegas Institute because I had a great time when I was out there. The speakers were great, it was a lot of fun, I learned how to do cosmetic dentistry real well, but you know, Ripley, Mississippi. I mean how many people are walking in wanting…10, 12, 14, 28 for porcelain restorations, right? Very few, very few.

Let’s see, so I go out there and I’ll tell you what else. So I go to LVI, and so I’m thinking, okay I want to be, and my friend and I agree. We are going to be the greatest cosmetic dentists the South has ever seen. Right? And so we go back and it’s just not really working for either one of us. Then we say, well it can be that cosmetic dentistry’s not going to work for us, maybe it’s the system we’re using. So then, after we go to LVI like 4 times, you know, we fly out to Las Vegas 4 times and spent 30 grand, maybe 6 times and then we say, “Well, I’ve heard about this Pete Dawson fella, let’s go down there.” So we fly to Tampa Florida 4 or 5 times and we take the Pete Dawson continuum. And once again I learned a ton of stuff down there. I mean aren’t you guys Pete Dawson folks? Right? So I know a lot about occlusion and I figured out why some of my stuff didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

But so I learned a lot and to this day, a lot of stuff I learned at Pete Dawson’s classes I still used. You can use a lot of his stuff just bread and butter. Now what I did I come back from there and think, we’ll now I’m going to get rich by doing occlusion adjustments on people, right? Well that didn’t work either, so I didn’t get rich doing that. I mean I tried a lot of stuff. So I thought, well maybe it’s just some other issue I’ve got. So if this is not working, what else can I try? So when you’re out of these institutes, one of the things that I’m not kidding your verbatim is said is, “If you want to be the best dentist in your area, you can’t have normal prices. You have to have the highest prices in town. If you’re not the highest price in town, people will automatically think you’re not the highest quality dentist in town and you’ll never succeed at this.

So I mean I’m 25, I’m like okay let’s do it. I’m not going to ask you guys what you charge for a crown, that would be impolite but just so you know where I’m coming from, at this time, a PFM crown in my hometown went for about 500 bucks. There was a guy in town that charged 400, every fest about him being slow in getting all the business. So we all charged about 483, something like that. And so guess what I did? I doubled it. I said, well if I’m going to be the highest in town, I’m just going to go for it. So I get up, I think I’m charging like 979 for a PFM which you guys may think is low now. At that time, 979 is pretty high in my town. So I jacked those prices up there and surprise, surprise! The people still didn’t come. Alright? They’re still not coming. And when they do come, they’re like, “What? How many crowns am I getting for that?… What now, is that a denture?” I mean you know, I get all these questions.

Plus, I mean I’m doing…I’m trying to do all porcelain work back then and it’s very difficult. You know, the bonding is super hard. The porcelain by the way is very difficult. You know, if you did a lot of porcelain work 20 years ago, you’ll know. You know, it broke a lot. It’s not like the porcelain that’s today. So that was one mistake. Then I think, well I’ve already got these Delta patients, so maybe if I can convince them they should be paying more than 400 something more a crown. You know, and when I say a crown, I’m not just talking about crowns because it reflects everything from crowns for something; a filling of 79 bucks or whatever. So I did sort of that’s just what I’m saying to give you guys an idea of where I was at.

So if you’re in a lot of PPO’s , you’ve got to get off because they’re for sure ’the devil.’ They even gave us scripts out there of how we can talk to patients, and how to get off these plans. And so anyway, I come home and I’m like, Okay. Now I wasn’t completely stupid, so I had 400 to 500 Delta patients. Well I had 1, you know how these factories are. So you’ll have like you know like Toyota, I have a Toyota plant, 20 miles from my house now, so you have…some people have this straight up Toyota Manufacturing Insurance but then Toyota has like 25 subsidiaries that are all under the Toyota umbrella but they’re all around the factory and you know, each one of them I have a slightly different Toyota plan. So I had one little subset of a factory that had, that was actually furniture…which they’re actually still in business, the one that’s still there. They had 100 employees, and I thought that would be a perfect test crew to invite 100 patients of theirs.

And so craft this letter up, and you know I’m so proud of this letter. It explains clearly why their insurance sucks, and why I’m such a quality dentist that I, you know, any idiot could tell that I’m so good. That they should know better than to have to pay so little to come to see me right? So, I mean I said it more eloquently than that but I wrote this letter up and I sent it out. Now this is a good question. And this will be a good one, the first person that gets it right I’m going to give you guys a prize. And I explained why I’m giving these prizes later. But, so I sent a 100 letters out. Now remember, this is Ripley, Mississippi, so out of this 100 people, I’m into I went to school with about 75 of them. Alright? And you know, it’s like when you send a letter out, most people don’t open your mail. You know that.

So people come in in 6 months and they thought they’re still in the old insurance even though I dropped it and we would tell them, “Sorry we’re not.” But we would say “You know what? We’re just going to honor your old price for now but next time it’s going to be this new price.” So it takes about a year for folks to kind of realize whether or not they’re going to stay in your practice. So I sent this letter out, 1 year passes. Out of my 100 person test group, how many people do you think were still with me out of that 100 people 1 year later? Yes, I’m interested in answers. 0, 20, 3, 30, 10, 15 not yet. I mean we could stay here all day. I’ll tell you, you said 15? Down. Come on. Who said, somebody say 2? You said…I thought you said 2. Did you say 2 earlier? For real? Oh, man!

Okay, alright. You both said 3. Alright you call heads or tails in the front row. Heads or tails? O. okay you’re just being mean. Alright are you a dentist? So I’m going to give you this. this is a good book. I believe in books, I’m a book junkie. This is a book that I read about 10 years ago, it really helped me because it’s Dr. Gerald Bell, have you ever heard of him? You’ve heard of him? From North Carolina, he’s a genius but he wrote this book called “The Achievers”, it’s a motivational analysis of leadership styles and if you read this book, I think that probably 90% of dentists would fall into this category of what he calls “The Achievers”. Because our whole lives right, is been about a goal; 1 goal after the other. And it gives you a lot of great tips in how to if you have that personality style, that you can coach your team to higher levels of performance.

So it was 2, the answer was 2 but you know I think I lost every 1 of my family members. They all went somewhere else, I’m pretty sure. So yes, that’s what happened with the lots of letters. Thankfully I did the sample test group. Right? So I didn’t kill the whole deal. I just sent the letter out to those 100. Oh yes, this is a good one. Who among here has team members? I know some of you all. I met you this morning. Oh, okay. How many are hygienists? Oh man, are you serious? I love to talk bad about hygienists. I don’t want to talk bad about you and you guys look awesome and I really like you. But I’m probably… I’d say there’s a reasonable chance I’d going to say something offensive about the hygiene profession before we get out of here. And I just want to go ahead and apologize because there are exceptions to the rule and the fact that you’re sitting up here on the second row is probably good. You know, and that fact that you got them to come up here, I think that they’re probably exceptions. So don’t take offense, alright?

But I did, I took my hygienist out to LVI actually. And so we go out there. A couple of funny stories about her, she really is, she drives me nuts. She started working with me in 1999, she probably wants to kill me at that or more at that time. You know? Like I always think that sometimes she brings food to the office and she puts a little special plate of it my office and I think she’s poisoning me a little bit at a time. You know she’s just, that’s her way, she wants to like kill me drop dead now because then people won’t investigate. It’s like she wants me to die slowly over 10 or 15 years. But anyway, we go out to LVI in 1999 and she was my patient, she had actually worked in 1 of the furniture factories until she’s a lot older than me. So she’d worked for a furniture company, and she’s a hard worker.

And they closed and when furniture factories close, where I’m at there’s some kind of government program. I don’t know what that is but they’ll pay for you, they’ll pay 2 years of community college tuition, the federal government will when the factory closes. I don’t know these guys going to do, that’s maybe such a poor part of the world or what. But anyway, she took them up on it and went to a local community college and she went into hygiene program. So she gets out of hygiene school, and I don’t know she came by and you know she…well first off, she started out lying to me and that’s a great way to start a relationship, right?

So I’ve got this nice little office I’ve worked my tail off getting 3 dental chairs in, and so she comes and interviews and lets me really like her. Never once telling me she’s left handed. I mean, good grief! Never once! Never once! Get there the first week and she’s like, “Hey Doc, by the way I’m super glad to be here. I’m really excited. And by the way, I’m going to need you to change the delivery system on this dental chair over here.” What? I kept saying anyway, whatever. Yeah, we’ve been together nearly 20 years now, right? So I guess at this point we’re just going to tough it out. We’ve decided that neither one of us is going to die nor quit, so we’re just going to go for it.

So I take her out to LVI, and she’s my patient for veneers. I did like 12 veneers across the front. And let me tell you, any of you guys in here doing a lot of veneers? Well good. I mean you know veneers are hard to, very hard to deal with. Well I did a bunch of them and I’m dealing with them because I’ve learned the veneers I did back in 2000 are looking pretty rough right about now. And I’m replacing a lot on her, of course. Because you know, she’s there in my office every day, reminding me how I’ve got to redo stuff on her the next chance I get. So anyway, we go out to LVI and I’m doing these veneers. I’m doing 12 units, I’m 25 years old. I’m not very good at this point. They don’t let you…this predates Septocaine. I can’t keep her numb, so you know it’s a disaster. She’s crying, she’s crying and saying “I can take it. It’s okay, keep going.” You know.

Anyway, we somehow get through the ordeal gluing the veneers on. My chair side dental assistant drops 3 of them in the garbage and then takes them out of the garbage and I glue them on her. And then after I glue it on, she said like “You know I dropped those in the garbage before you put them on there.” She told my hygienist. So you know, they like hearing that forever, too. I don’t think that it really hurt anything. But anyway, while we’re out there, we go to this fancy soft tissue management hygiene class by these fancy high priced hygiene consultants. Just like I said, I’m 25 years old, I’m gullible. I’ll bite on anything. So I’m like “Wow that sounds really smart! We shouldn’t be doing prophies on everybody.” Of course if there’s this speck of blood, it’s gum disease. What are we doing? So we get back to Mississippi. I’m trying to bring fancy big city culture you know and get back to Ripley. And we start telling our patients “Oh, I’m sorry. We can’t do a regular cleaning on you because you had this speck of bleeding and you had what it’s called a 4 millimeter pocket back here.” Hey you know, singular 4 millimeter pocket.

And then so,”What do we do, doc?” and so we had these fancies, you know we had these scripts to tell them where these fancy sheet’s made up. Well instead of getting 2 pro fees a year, you really need to get to have 6 visits. And you know, we understand that that’s a little bit of a hassle to get here 6 times, we’re going to give you a little discount. So but still it’s like these things are really a $1000 a person. And so of course I’m thinking, “Wow a $1000 a person!” I’m just thinking the same thing. Also while we’re out there, they taught me into putting her own commission. And how many of you guys, are you guys on commission? That’s great! That’s good because I learned a hard lesson. You put somebody on commission; it’s hard to take them off commission. I mean it’s nearly impossible.

So therefore, she’s still on commission. She’s still one of my hygienist who’s still on commission. But anyway, we’re doing all these stuff and she’s on commission, so she’s getting a 1000 bucks for these deals and she’s happy and I’m thinking “Wow, so the next month as we institute this, her normal monthly hygiene production was about $10,000 a month.” Okay? The next month, it jumps up like 14,000 and I’ like “Wow! We are geniuses. 14,000.” Now remember what I told you earlier, about hygiene stuff. It takes about a year to figure out if what you’re doing is working or not. Because somebody that likes you and they wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, they might do what you say once. But as time goes on, they’re not going to keep doing stuff they don’t want to do. And if they don’t like you, they’re going to start telling people. “You believe what he’s trying to charge me to clean my teeth?” So her prior average monthly production was 10 grand, it went up to 14. A year later, everybody want to guess what her production was? Same month, how much? Real close, nearly 7. So it basically halved it. And it went down 30% from what it was before we did anything. So that means we lost a lot of patients.

So that’s the first part of my all day lecture in Oklahoma City. And you know, when I went back to edit this episode, I just left a lot of stuff in. There are things on there that I just never would think to say if I would draw it up an outline and going through my outline on a regular show, on a regular episode. And so just a little bit deeper, a little bit richer when you’re in front of a crowd. I probably got a little carried away at times and hopefully, nothing too offensive to anyone there. Everybody knows there probably things I say are just in good fun. Know and I might even occasionally stretch a story a little bit. So anyway, hey as long as people are laughing and engaging, I think it’s always helpful in the learning process.

So anyway, that was that part. Now as I listened to this, I think “Man, this is good stuff.” It’s really, I think it’s better than what I remember to be in as I was actually standing in front of them. You know, you’re lecturing and all that. You get tired you don’t really realize what’s going on. So I’m going to pull out different segments of this lecture from time to time. I mean we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to put those up on the podcast. Probably even the next episode we’ll for sure do that. And maybe a several, a few several others if there are enough good segments. I have not listened to the entire lecture yet. So I will let you guys know as we go along.

So thank you so much for your attention. And I’ve surely enjoyed this episode as much as almost any other ones. Just listening to the lecture that I gave and remembering how much fun I had in Oklahoma City. So I hope you guys are…I hope you guys are getting something out of this. Taking a lot of pearls home with you and you know just really enjoying this. And that’s what this whole show, this whole podcast is all about. Giving you guys a way to enjoy yourself and learn stuff at the same time. So thanks for paying attention. We’ll see you next week.

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